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Sunday 100 Km’s away!!

Sunday 100 Km’s away!!

Today’s blog is inspired by the above quote and is again an attempt to bring out the travelers out of our readers and help them discover the world outside their homes, towns, cities etc.

The nature is so varied and offers variety as we walk in any direction. We are amazed as something new, something interesting always crops up. Complimenting to it there are various concepts like Theme Parks, Village Restaurants, Boutique Resorts etc coming up which add to the flavour of experiencing something that does not feature on a regular routine life of a person.

Guys today the title Sunday: 100 Kms away is just to make you believe that always we don’t have to travel far away to experience the pleasures of travelling and enjoy nature. No meticulous planning is required to start travelling too. It’s just that you need to break the shackles around your mind and open up to various options available.


Every 100 feet the world changes ~ Robert bolano.

Just gather few friends, start early and look for options nearby, small villages with small treks, a dam nearby with a water reservoir and a beach with some shacks around it or small hill with a lake around it. I bet take any city or town across the world, there is an option available 100 km around your place.

I will be covering some places around cities in India with the same formula, it will help my friends staying there have an option to explore and you guys can share if you have already discovered places like these around your cities.

On a Sunday instead of gathering with family or friends in a mall and just repeating the routine on a regular basis, it will surely be an excellent option to unwind at a less crowded, naturally beautiful location. Relax, share and spend time with people who are with you and are looking for some quality time to be together.Kids get a new dimension as well, as travelling to new places will start building their travel diary at an early age, and expose them to variety of natural and cultural vividness around the world.

A list of options that I have personally visited on Sunday getaways is shared below,readers in these cities can try these out:

Surat: Ubhraat, Tithal (Beaches), WilsonHills, Padam Dungri,

Bangalore:Nandi Hills, Yellagiri, Simsha Falls, Anthargange,

Hyderabad:Bhongir, Sangareddy Temples, Ramoji Film City  

Bhubaneshwar: Puri, Nandankanan, Dhawalgiri, Khandagiri, Chilika

Mumbai: Matheran, Khandala, Alibag  

Kolkatta: Sundarbans, Tarkeshwar andthe list goes on…..

Do keepreading and sharing your thoughts at info@indiakhoj.co.in and ya enjoy your next Sunday 100kms away.




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