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Orissa – Land of Temples & Golden Beaches

Its a coincidence, but indeed a pleasure to start my Journey of travel blogging, with the first destination I visited recently. The state of Orissa now called as Odisha. Odisha the Land of beautiful Temples.

Cuttack, a small business city situated on the banks of river Mahanadi happens to be my birth place and that makes the tour to this state even more special to me. This state is known for not only the beauty of Temples built here but also for the number of temples you come across.

The journey started with the visit to the holy land of Lord Jagganath, Puri. Also known in India as the fourth “Dhaam” in hindu mythology and famous for the gigantic Ratha Yatra that takes place here every year. The blessings of Lord makes the town posses one of the most beautiful and soothing beach of the country. The golden sand, white waves along with the Camel rides and other activities makes it a happening place and a must for people fond of beaches..

Visit the land of Lord Jagganath and be amazed by the beauty of it.

From Puri we moved to Konark, The Sun Temple. Built in the shape of a Chariot, the temple stands tall in midst of a beautiful scenic landscape and show cases the cultural heritage of the state perfectly.
Spend some time in the temple, just trying to guess the prowess and finesse of the workers who constructed the same years ago in the absence of all the modern world equipment.

Bhubhaneshwar, the capital city also majorly known a city of Temples, hosts a perfect blend of Hotels and Restaurants for your comfortable stay and dining requirements. The place again the home for many Hindu temples and Buddhist structures like Dhaulgiri Temple and Udaygiri and Khandagiri caves.

There are endless places after these major tourist attractions that can be explored. For eg : Taptapani (Hot water Springs), Lake Chilika, Nandankanan (Asia’s largest Zoo), Simpli Pal ( A tiger reserve), Bhitaar Kanika ( A crocodile reserve) Saptapada ( Sighting dolphins ), Khanda Dhaara ( Beautiful Waterfall ) etc ….The list is long and endless.

Requesting OTDC to promote the state tourism more aggressively and improve the facilities at tourists sites. It will come as welcome opportunity for people to discover a state with lot of natural beauty and the state to generate more employment and give a boost to the Tourism industry.

After all the details, not to forget the city of Cuttack, famous for its Silver filigree work, also known as the Silver city. Check in for some most mouth watering local delicacies including Chats, Sea food and Rolls. In Odisha do check out a chain of restaurant called “DALMAA”, a one stop shop for tasting all the local food items from the state.

Let me end this with the hope that more and more people visit the state and discover Incredible India as the best  it can get.

Do chip in with suggestions, queries regarding the state tourism and other details.

Ya do keep looking for more, till then bbye and take good care frens…


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